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House  Of  Seyon

House of Seyon is an umbrella site showcasing the work of multidiscipline artist Seyon Amosu.

Born and raised in Lagos Nigeria, At age 15,  He moved to London where he later attended University for the Creative Arts (UCA Rochester) and achieved his first class degree in BA Hons Fashion Media & Promotion.

He  began interning and working at LFW backstage as a dresser. Assisting stylists such as Kristine Kilty and Ibrahim Kamara. Thereafter he has since  worked on his own projects with clients such as Piers Atkinson, Nike, Daily Paper, Dazed Beauty, Notion Magazine and Contributor Magazine.

Seyon is  a visual storyteller, using bold artistic direction and styling paying particular attention to culture, religion, sexuality, and silhouette.

Seyon’s work is profoundly inspired by his  intolerant African religious upbringing and childhood, 80s New York black queer scene, and Noughties Nigerian Cinema aesthetic (Nollywood).

Seyon  is  avid about fusing his African background with  his work and celebrating the scope of African narratives and championing untold stories.

He continues to challenge and celebrate his culture and societal ideals through his work and redefining what is “acceptable”



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© Seyon Amosu   2020