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Chuku Chuku


Model  Chanel Taylor.
Stylist & Creative director   Seyon Amosu .
Hair  by   Lu’s curls .
MUA   Frankie Daniella

Taken from Nigerian Pidgin English, 'Chuku Chuku' refers to a sharp or pointy object, and in this collection is used to refer specifically to natural, Black hair as a representation for Black resilience.

For those from the African diaspora, Sundays were arguably the most important day of the week. Whether it was for church, mosque, or visiting family, Sunday was the day our parents would don their very best, most elaborate outfit of the week and make sure we did too. In this body of work stylist Seyon Amosu and photographer Iliana Kanellopoulou explore the fond memory of Sundays in an African household.

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