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Talent   Clément Bazin & Pierre Kwenders
Directed by  Daniel Amoakoh
DOP  Barbara John.
Executive Producer - Nowadays Records, Bonsound.
Stylist and Costume by  Seyon Amosu.
Produced by   Kamara Scott + Jess Ajose
Production House - Blanguage
Editing + VFX - Blanguage
Cultural Consultant - GodFather Matyouz Ladurée
Hair  by   Lauraine BaileyRemy Dupont   .
MUA  Oldie Mbani
Assistant Director  Rene  Harrison
Assistant Producer Ornella
1st Stylist Assistant  Dahlia Ichaou
2nd  Stylist Assistant    Esther Anibueze Regnaut
Casting Director - Godfather Matyouz Ladurée
Talent - Mother Hanabi Campbell, Queen Mother Gorgeous Nikki Gucci, GodFather Matyouz Ladurée

Pierre Kwenders and Clément Bazin launch the video for their new song ‘Ego’ on Nataal.

Congolese-Canadian singer and DJ (and co-founder of the Montréal-based Moonshine collective), Kwenders is known for his delicious, rumba-infused R&B, which is here given a tropical electro edge by respected French producer Bazin (Woodkid, Petit Biscuit).

‘Ego’ features two brilliant performers from Paris’s vogueing and African diaspora communities.

“This story is deep rooted in heritage and homage, The Director ” Daniel Amoakoh tells Nataal Magazine. “I wanted to tell a story of aspiration while also showing my love and adoration for the art of vogueing and everything that comes with it. The song is all about having a big ego and big energy and we married that with the storyline, closing the video with an iconic monologue from [young voguer] Hanabi, shouting out all the haters.”

© Seyon Amosu   2020