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Magun - A forbidden sex


Photography   Iliana Kan.
Creative Direction and styling  Seyon Amosu.
Hair by  Lauraine Bailey .
Stylist Assistants  Dahlia IchaouJean  Glodyy

Magun (thunderbolt) is a popular charm among the Yoruba people, commonly done to curb promiscuity. However, is this a myth or a fact?

Magun, which in a literary Yoruba language means “Do not climb” is a dreadful and deadly Juju usually employed by offended husbands to punish the adulterous men having illicit sexual affairs with their spouse.

Sexuality and sex as a charm in religious expression.

Portraying what is seen as abominable sexual practice in  Nigeria as power and authority, using a dangerous and powerful yoruba charm to symbolise black queer sexuality as a strength through a traditional African religion lense.

© Seyon Amosu   2020