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Other voices


Talent   Elie Che.
Written, Directed and Edited Sarah Brown .
Music and Sound Production  Asher Fynn .
Executive Production  Bec Evans .
Stylist Seyon Amosu .

A short poem written by Elie Che for @sweatmother documentary “Other Voices” released on @bbc in 2019 and screened @icalondon.

“I wrote the poem a day before the filming, right before a break for me. I was meeting up with a family member for the first time in London, who happens to be a therapist. She read me for filth, saying that I live my life in shame. I instantly burst out in tears and couldn’t stop crying the rest of the time with her and my grandmother, even though I was wearing makeup.

She reassured that she even felt that way. A lot of queer people live their life in shame due to fear, especially trans people. Fear of not being accepted, fear of being clocked as trans, fear of being a victim of

prejudice, fear of not being able to operate through the world regularly, fear of being attacked or killed. This is the reality for many, but we, including allies must bring awareness to this reality so things can continue to evolve. This poem is about letting go of that shame because even though it may show up at your doorstep, it’s not allowed to come in.”
Elie Che

You can catch the rest of the film on bbc iPlayer!


“Words to my mother,
Escort each other,
Orbiting time,
But this is no infinitude,
There is only now,
My head was pressed against my breast,
And my mind was adrift in the shadows,
I was existing in venturous fright,
Wallowing behind masks,
Carved with unforeseen lies,
I relinquished that nightmare,
Rain descended,
Bows tightly knotted,
From cartilage to cartilage,
Freeing the depths of deception,
Know thyself,
Tease thyself,
Please thyself.”

© Seyon Amosu   2020