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Model  Hanifah.
Stylist    Seyon Amosu .
Hair  by   Lauraine Bailey .
MUA   Clairede Graft
Nail artist Stacey  Bushay

What is your earliest hair memory?

Hanifah (model): My earliest hair memory is my hair being policed. My school forced my mum to cut my hair because it was a ‘distraction’. The same thing is still happening in schools today.

What do you think the power of black hair is?

Terry Paul: To me, the power of black hair is beauty in its purest, natural form. Expression through your hair, whether that be in different styles or colours, because of the versatility it allows. Your hair becomes your identity and your pride, so it’s about embracing the beauty of it. Also continuing to break the systematic oppression of what once was with black hair for the youth to see; being inspired, proud and appreciative of who we are through our hair.

© Seyon Amosu   2020